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Our team is excited to work with clients who need help bringing their ideas, information and meetings to life. Our strongest skill is helping you make your ideas visually memorable. We work best with clients who love on-trend, beautifully designed content. We want to work with customers who understand how important it is in this visual age to give your customers engaging mediums and content. As a team, we've covered a vast array of topics and industries, and we love a good challenge! We're especially passionate about future technologies, business trends and unique subject matter.


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Ugne > designer/scriber


Lina > co-founder

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Kristina > co-founder


Anna > animator


Raimonda > miss admin

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Neringa > illustrator/scriber


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17 Jul 2018

What not to forget at meetings

Go in heavy with the content but make it lighter with visuals

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04 Jul 2018

Digital graphic recording with PMI in Paris

‘Paris is always a good idea’ - Audrey Hepburn once said. It is indeed.

Blooms Office space2

10 May 2018

Office mural. Your tropical lunchtime escape!

Have you noticed how many offices across London are revamping their interior? Everyone is looking for that creative,...